Esthera Sarita


Певица из Голландии и топмодель агенства ELITE, прославившаяся исполнением трека испанского диджея Sak Noel — «LOCA PEOPLE».

ESTHERA SARITA record some vocals in Gerona for DJ/PRODUCER SAK NOEL. Together they created the hit: Loca People.

ESTHERA SARITA is not only a vocalist. She is a singer, MC and songwriter aswell.

After Loca People she created the hit Lalaland together with DJ/PRODUCER ADYANO.
ESTHERA SARITA wrote the lyrics of Lalaland.

Later in 2012 she came with the song Loud together with DJ/PRODUCER MR. BLACK. This song is still unreleased so it will be a suprise when its official!

In 2013 Esthera is workin with a producer from Canada (ELECTRIC V). Together they will release the song ‘Gossip World’ soon. Esthera wrote the lyrics by herself.

Official vocalist of:
LOCA PEOPLE — Sak Noel ft Esthera Sarita
LALALAND — Adyano ft Esthera Sarita
LOUD — Mr. Black ft Esthera Sarita
GOSSIPWORLD — Electric V ft Esthera Sarita